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Our global network server uses statistical software. Such programs are standard for all web servers and are not specific to our website. These statistical programs allow us to adjust our website so they are as efficient and as easy to use as possible for our visitors (determining which information our users are most or least interested in, adapting websites for specific web browsers, location structure efficiency, and website traffic).

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A cookie is a small text file which web servers send to your computer when you visit a website. Our servers occasionally use cookies which remember which sites you visited, which enables us to speed up the communications between your computer and our servers. If you configured your web browser to do so, you will be warned every time a cookie is sent to your computer. You can also configure your web browser so it disables cookies. If you disable cookies, you will still be able to view our website, but some of the website functionalities will not be available to you.

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Complete list of cookies you can download here.

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IP addresses are numbers unique to every computer which is currently connected to the internet. They are used to identify recipients and senders via the internet. Our server records the IP address of your computer during every transaction via our booking system to ensure a safe transfer and protection of your data against misuse.


We do everything in our power to ensure that all redirections from our websites take you to websites that contain quality content in the sense that it does not encourage negativity. However, websites and online addresses change quickly, and we cannot always guarantee that the content of every website we redirect you to complies with this.

Amendments and termination of use

Ovi Uvjeti korištenja primjenjuju se od 18.07.2023. godine.

Aminess Hospitality Group d.o.o. zadržava pravo izmjene ovih Uvjeta korištenja u bilo kojem trenutku.

Obavijest o izmjenama i dopunama Uvjeta korištenja biti će pravovremeno dostupna na ovoj stranici.

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