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Aminess and sustainable tourism go hand-in-hand

Long-term economic balance and conservation of natural and cultural heritage lie at the core of our business.

Sustainable tourism has become one of the most trending topics in recent years due to an increasing pressure on hospitality companies to reduce their environmental impact and positively influence the society. Being one of the major hospitality companies in Croatia, the Aminess Hotels & Resorts Group has from its very beginning aimed at implementing and promoting the best sustainable business practices, all with high-quality service and customer satisfaction in mind.

Environmental protection and energy efficiency

Proactive measures are implemented across Aminess Hotels & Resorts with the aim to preserve the environment and make it sustainable for future generations. They are based on the company’s own quality assurance, environmental protection and energy efficiency policies, as well as human rights, health and safety policies, and cooperation with the local community. Our day-to-day efforts are focused on mitigating detrimental environmental impacts and contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.

Some of the activities we carry out on a daily basis include:

  • reducing the amount of waste and promoting waste recycling and sorting within the Company, but also among guests and suppliers
  • smart use of water through the introduction of efficient systems and education of employees and guests
  • reduction of pollutant emissions by opting for efficient fuels and energy sources, and
  • cooperation with suppliers that implement environmental protection measures and those aimed at mitigating detrimental environmental impacts.


  • paper
  • cardboard
  • glass
  • plastic
  • edible oil
  • kitchen waste
  • printer cartridges
  • electronic waste
  • fluorescent tubes


  • controlling energy consumption on a daily and weekly basis
  • using energy-saving light bulbs and electrical appliances with the highest energy efficiency rating
  • installing motion sensors
  • introducing smart room systems with heating, cooling and lighting system
  • implementing the on-request towel change policy
  • applying central management and temperature monitoring


  • water consumption by installing automatic rinsing and consumption monitoring systems, and tap aerators
  • packaging waste by purchasing large packages of food and cleaning products
  • water and environment pollution by using lower washing temperatures and environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning products, and by instructing our employees on proper product use and dosing

Our awards and certificates

Sustainable tourism is definitely the future. This is why Aminess has been investing considerable efforts to fulfil the related requirements whenever possible, which has resulted in a number of certificates:

  • Travelife Gold certification – the most important international certificate awarded for accommodation sustainability
  • Sustainable Hotel – a certificate awarded by the Association of Employers in Croatian Hospitality (AECH) under the auspices of the Croatian Ministry of Tourism
  • Ecocamping – an eco-certificate of the German Ecocamping association given to environmentally sustainable campsites
  • Environmentally friendly – a label assigned by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction

Safeguarding local community values and economic balance

Aminess recognises the role of local community in the development of a tourist destination. In collaboration with many tourist boards and local associations, we organise and promote cultural, music, sports and culinary events and gatherings. We also actively contribute to the development of local communities by donating funds to a number of institutions, associations and local organisations and upholding the principles of affiliation, social responsibility and partnership.

Aminess takes care of the quality of jobs and is the only hospitality company in Croatia that has obtained the prestigious Employer Partner certificate for two years in a row.

Here are some of our guidelines on cooperation with local communities:

  • recruitment of local population
  • quality jobs
  • procurement of products and services from local suppliers
  • valorisation of historical background, authentic cultural heritage, traditions and specificities of a destination
  • maintaining and improving the quality of environment and avoiding visual pollution or any other kind of environmental degradation
  • investing in beaches and outdoor facilities available to both hotel and non-hotel guests
  • operating a wellness centre available to both hotel and non-hotel guests
  • financing key projects in the town area

We are well aware that, in order to remain on the tourist map, destinations will have to successfully manage physical planning, use available resources with maximum efficiency and protect the entire area from harmful impacts.

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