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    Row into the endless blue

    If you’re staying at Aminess’ campsites and you love to kayak, make sure to bring your kayak or canoe on holiday with you to Novigrad. If you don’t have your own, simply rent one near Aminess Sirena campsite, and you’re ready to hit the high seas. If the sea isn’t quite enough for you, the delta of the river Mirna is nearby, offering calm waters perfect for rowing. We also offer organised tours where you can certainly learn something new, or if you prefer solo adventures, you can design your own rowing itinerary.

    The river Mirna’s tame nature makes it an excellent destination for kayaking and canoeing, and in addition to providing a perfect training grounds, it will also provide you with breath-taking landscapes. The river is an ornithological reserve, and with more than 200 different species of bird, it is a true birdwatcher’s paradise.

    Kayaking and canoeing are especially lovely in the pre-season and post-season, when the coast is still peaceful, making it the perfect place to quiet your soul.

    If you haven’t yet, try kayaking and canoeing in Novigrad. We promise you a magical experience you won’t soon forget!

    Amenities for kayakers and canoers at Aminess:

    • rental of kayaks, canoes, and equipment near Aminess Sirena Campsite
    • organised kayaking tours
    • open-air sports massages at Aminess Sirena Campsite

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