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    You will encounter unusual letters of the Glagolitic script, a Slavic alphabet created in the mid-9th century, across many island locations. The text engraved on the 12th-century Baška Tablet, valuable proof of Croatian literacy weighing an incredible 800 kilograms, is also written in the Glagolitic script.

    You are also bound to come across the traces of a family inextricably linked to Krk's cultural life – the Frankopan family. Throughout its 6th-century-long history on Krk, many Frankopans were awarded the title of ban or were famous writers and warriors. The family's former residence and castle can be visited in the town of Krk, where a number of events dedicated to the memory of this grand and influential family are organised.

    Top 5 cultural heritage sites

    • Replica of the Baška Tablet in the Church of St Lucy in Jurandvor, where it was found in 1851
    • Gradec, an abandoned castle of the Frankopan family near Vrbnik
    • Košljun Islet near Punat, a historical heritage site with a Franciscan monastery
    • Baška Glagolitic Trail with 34 stone sculptures
    • Ethnographic collection in Kornić near Punat

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