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    Spend Unforgettable Holidays with Your Pets in Novigrad

    A happy moment to go on holiday has finally arrived. But what are you going to do about those sad eyes watching your every move as you pack, that melancholic miaow or woof? Will you be able to fully relax and enjoy your holiday without thinking about the pet you left behind? Well, in Aminess campsites and hotels in Novigrad you don’t have to, simply because your pets are very welcome! So, treat your entire family, including pets, to a perfect holiday in Novigrad!

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    A pet-friendly stay in Novigrad

    Surrounded by beautifully tended Istrian greenery and by the sea, holiday homes in Aminess’ campsites are a place where every member of the family, including a pet, feels at home. The whole family can explore beautiful nature at the campsite, take a stroll with the pet along the coast towards Novigrad and then, after a day filled with activities, enjoy a nice dinner on the outdoor terrace while the cat or dog rests on its blanket by your side.

    Apart from a welcome present in the form of a blanket and water bowl, at Aminess campsites your pets have special showers just for them. Most importantly, with designated pet-friendly beach area, every member of your family has a chance to fully enjoy the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

    Unforgettable family moments

    Smile as you watch your dog splash on the beach. Pat your cat as it peacefully naps in your lap on the terrace of your holiday home. Don’t let your pet behind when you head to Novigrad for a great holiday, but rather let every member of your family experience fun, everlasting, relaxing moments in Novigrad.

    Pets are welcome at the following holiday homes:

    Amenities for pets:

    • special welcome gift: water bowl and blanket
    • special showers (at campsites)
    • special beach

    At Aminess’ holiday homes in Novigrad your pets purr with pure pleasure!

    House rules for pets

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