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    Aminess Mirami Family Village
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    Only Aminess allows you to book all types of Holiday Homes and pitches.

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    Best Croatian Campsite 2019

    Miramì Family Village
    Where kids’ dreams come true

    Starting in 2016, Aminess Maravea Camping Resort will fulfil all the wishes of families with children. Discover Miramì Family Village, a place for a holiday tailor-made for children.

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    In the safety and greenery of the campsite, we have built an entire village tailor-made for kids. A place where specially trained educators will offer your kids fun and stimulating experiences. Whether your children are fascinated by robots, bugs, or natural phenomena, Miramì Family Village will be their place to explore and carry out experiments with their own little hands. What better way is there to awaken a child’s love for science?
    While your little ones are learning to swim, taking part in mini-Olympics, or hunting for hidden treasure with our entertainers, you can relax on the terrace of your modern fully appointed holiday home.
    Choose one of 90 holiday homes at Miramì Family Village and afford yourself and your kids an unforgettable holiday.

    Pets are allowed at Miramì Family Village holiday homes!
    House rules for pets

    Village amenities:

    • a peaceful location right by the sea and natural forest
    • 92 holiday homes with terraces
    • swimming pools with water slides
    • free numbered parking space ensured next to the village
    • traffic-free village

    Edutainment workshops and entertainment:

    Edutainment workshops 

      Kids, if you’re 4 to 14 years old, join us in the Crazyology Lab every day except Sundays for our Mirami Morning Fun workshops.
      If you’re a passionate builder, you’ll love the Big Blue Blocks workshop, where you’ll build impressive buildings with big building blocks. If you need help, our assistants will be there to lend a helping hand. Or two. And they can even give you a special building challenge, so put a good  team together and try to tackle it!
      We’re sure you love soap bubbles. That’s why we've built an entire bubble factory! What do you think, can you play volleyball with soap bubbles, walk into a bubble, or blow a bubble that’s bigger than you? Of course you can, and we’ll teach you how!
      Once you enter our super fun robot castle for kids from 7 to 14 years of age, your parents will only have one problem – how to get you out.
      It’s enough for them to bring you to one of our robotics workshops, and from then on you’ll be able to find your own way to the castle. First, you’ll meet your Miramì robot friends, then you’ll master the techniques of controlling and programming robots for kids, and then you’ll take part in a real live robot race! If you prefer dancing, our robots can do that too! You can make your own crazy robot and proudly show it to your parents and friends…
      So come to our robotics playroom and give into the magnetic force of electric fun.
      If you used to be a bit jealous of Dora the Explorer, it’s time to join our Funxperiments workshop and show Dora who’s the boss!
      We hereby invite you to 60 minutes of crazy fun for little explorers from 6 to 14 years of age. We offer something different every day. Learn about the magic of chemistry through experiments with things that appear and disappear. Make an invisible glass in the Miramì science factory. If you love animals, dive with us into the wonderful world of plankton and baby fish. You can make a snowman that doesn’t melt in the sun, and for the grand finale, build a rocket that you can fit in from head to toe. Come experiment with us every day except Sundays!
      What grows at Miramì? What kind of plants can we find? Are they edible, poisonous, fragrant, thorny or smooth? What are they called, how do they live…? And how can you use them to make a special memory of a great summer holiday? It’s time for the Miramì Herbarium! If you are between 6 and 14 years of age, come visit our biological labyrinth and learn the names of local plants in multiple languages, find out how to glue dry pressed plants onto paper, and make your own personalised Miramì herbarium. And so you can take an even better memento home, save the last page of your herbarium for a picture you’ll make out of dried leaves and flowers. Totally herbtastic!
      “I’m small, but I’m big.”
      Don’t worry, we know that the smallest kids are the biggest explorers. That’s why we’ve made a world just for you and your peers between the ages of 4 and 6, where you can discover amazing things with your own little hands. Come to our mini science laboratory with kids’ robots, fun experiments and research activities. From mysterious sand to flying rockets – a thousand and one wonders are waiting for you here! Discover the mystery of chemistry experiments, join a science party or find your own favourite activity. We’ll be waiting – the fun can't start without you!


    • professional, multilingual educators
    • educational equipment: sundial, bubble factory
    • fun water sports activities
    • exciting evening programme
    • Miramì Mini Club (4-8 years) and Miramì Midi Club (9-12 years)

    Amenities of your holiday home:

    • Prestige (4+2): 2 bedrooms, of which one with double bed – situated on prestigious seaside location, with sunbeds and courtains on terrace
    • Premium (4+2): 2 bedrooms, one with double bed
    • Family (6+2): 3 bedrooms, one with double bed
    • living room / bedroom / kitchen with sectional sofa for 6 persons
    • kitchen fully equipped to prepare delicious meals with dishes for 6 persons
    • 2 bathrooms with shower and toilet
    • terrace
    • satellite TV
    • air conditioning
    • free Wi-Fi connection

    Nearby amenities:

    • centre of Novigrad 4km away (accessible via seaside promenade, tourist train, and cycling path)
    • Istralandia waterpark 5km away (among the 5 best in Europe)
    • bakery
    • organised excursions and bike tours at GoAdria travel agency


    • Towel service every 3 nights, linen service every 7 nights.
    • Sojourn tax amounts to 8.00 HRK (approx. €1,15) per person per day between 1 June and 30 September, or 6,00 HRK (approx. €0.85) during the remainder of the year.
    • Children under the age of 11.99 do not pay the sojourn tax;
    • Youths between the age of 12 and 17.99 are obliged to pay only 50% of the sojourn tax.
    • The reception desk accepts the following credit cards: American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard - MasterCard, and Visa.
    • Payment at the reception desk shall be made at the valid exchange rate on the date of payment.
    • Final cleaning is mandatory for all guests and amounts to 230.00 HRK (approx. €30).

    Clean and Safe stay programme
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    Miramì Song

    Excursions, transfers, guest service...

    During your stay in our facilities, we offer you excursions through our GoAdria travel agency.

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