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    The History of Novigrad
    A history in walls

    Novigrad, once an island, was connected to the mainland in the modern era. Numerous archaeological findings show that the area was settled in ancient times.

    Because of its strategic position, it fell into the hands of various conquerors from land and sea, and it was also ravaged by the plague, resulting in numerous demographic changes that significantly marked the town’s culture and traditions. However, Novigrad’s fascinating walls are perhaps its most unique feature — their construction, in which local builders invested long, hard years of labour, began in the 13th century. Thanks to these walls, Novigrad is today a member of the Walled Towns Friendship Circle (WTFC).

    Top 5 traces of Novigrad's history

    • the town walls, Novigrad's most complete architectural monument
    • Parish Church of Sts. Maximus and Pelagius, built between the 5th and 6th century
    • the free-standing bellower built in the style of St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, with a statue of the town's patron saint
    • Belveder, the only 16th century seaside loggia in Istria
    • a neo-Gothic building in the centre of Novigrad, built in the 1920's in the Venetian Gothic style

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