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    Listen… Can you hear the waves and the seagulls?  

    Although camping in Novigrad offers much more than just swimming and sunbathing, the beaches are still one of the main reasons why our guests keep coming back to us. And who could blame them – our beaches stretch along the entire length of our campsites, and they come in all types, from natural to pebble and paved.

    Regardless of whether you’ve chosen to stay in a tent or a holiday home, one thing is for certain. A short – really short – trip to your favourite beach. Aminess’ beaches in Novigrad have Blue Flags, they are beautifully maintained and offer a wealth of activities, from water sports   to appealing restaurants , making them great all-day destinations. In addition to sunbathing, the beaches at our campsites are also perfect for morning yoga or tai chi, meditating in the fresh air, and watching magical sunsets.

    Aminess Sirena Campsite beach

    Aminess Sirena Campsite features a natural rocky and pebble beach, which is also connected to a beach with baldachins for a dash of luxury. You can choose between sitting in the sun or in comfortable shade if you plan to stay on the beach the whole day. You will have access to lounge chairs, umbrellas, showers and changing booths, and even open-air massages . If you don’t feel like cooking, don’t worry – you’ll find plenty of food options right on the beach. There is Oleandar bar with snacks, grilled dishes  and various drinks, Sirena restaurant with fish and meat specialties, and Punto Mare  fun & beach zone. For those of you who can’t go without a little excitement, we also offer numerous water sports  to quench your thirst for adrenaline. If you’re on holiday with your pet, you’ll be glad to know that part of the campsite beach has been designated just for your four-legged friends.

    Aminess Maravea Camping Resort beach

    This newly-renovated paved beach with lounge chairs, umbrellas, and open-air Thai massages  is a true lure for those looking for just a bit more out of their holiday. It is divided into a zone with natural rocks, a zone with pebbles and a zone with a tidal swimming pool that is especially impressive at dusk. Settle into a lounge chair under a palm tree, put your sunglasses on, and forget about all your cares. Including the burning question: what’s for lunch? We suggest you try the grilled steaks at Riva restaurant, or our newest restaurant-shop with an all-day selection of delicious Istrian specialties, craft beers and fine local wines. The Aminess Maravea Camping Resort also offers a wide selection of water sports , such as water scooters, kayaks and paddleboats. There’s even a special corner for your pets, who can enjoy a refreshing dip in the sea, just like you. They’re on holiday too, after all.

    Looking for Aminess beaches outside the campsite?

    Aminess Maestral Hotel beach

    A Blue Flag flies proudly above this beautifully landscaped pebble beach beneath the Aminess Maestral Hotel. This beach will greet you with lounge chairs, umbrellas and baldachins, and in summer, you can enjoy open-air massages. It also offers rental of sports equipment, paddleboats and kayaks, as well as sports like parasailing  and jet skiing . It is also close to Punto Mare  summer fun centre with its spacious sunbathing area, tidal swimming pool, delicious bites and great music.

    Aminess Laguna Hotel beach

    This pebble and paved beach features umbrellas, lounge chairs, showers and changing booths. It is located near the Aminess Laguna Hotel, close to Aminess Sirena Campsite, and it is the perfect spot for families. In addition to fun in the water, kids will also enjoy the playground in the shade, and there is sports equipment for rent. Near the beach, you will find Punto Mare  fun & beach zone, Sirena restaurant with specialties hot off the grill , and the Smoothie & Fruit Bar for healthy summer refreshment.

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